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Run, jump and get out of the pursuit of enemies to win items.

You must rush through various areas on your motorcycle and acquire a large number of items within a certain amount of time.

# Off-road rush
You can go wherever you want to go, not on tracks and road racing
This is a highly flexible racing game.

# Free control with realistic physics effects
Immerse yourself in hands-on control.
The motorcycle can be controlled and rotated smoothly in any direction.
Even backward is possible.

 # Various skills
Use items from enemy attacks with various skills!

Booster skill, you can run the adrenaline rush.
You can create jumping skill and get anywhere high. There is no obstacle anymore by using the jump skill.
You can use Hot Time to stop the enemy's time and stop the attack.

# Unique design bikes
Create your own bike with dozens of motorcycle parts.
You can create more powerful bikes by synthesizing common parts.

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